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HM V9 Intermittent Movement Blister Machine Greatest for mass production or container form blister required plate/plate mechanism for pharmaceutical and confectionary blister packaging Vast format range(300 mm/W X 200 mm/L) provides maximum flexibility of blister forming not only for pill and capsule, cold drops and sugar-coated chewing gum but additionally other shopper health care merchandise in special shape container. Our machines suit pharmaceuticals, Foods, Cosmetics, and Health Care Industries. Rotary blister machines are designed to seal a blister to a card. A rotary blister machine uses a rotating disc to index the product under the heat sealing head, which is designed to seal the blister to the card. Semi-computerized rotary blister sealers require an operator to load the blister, the product into the blister and load the card onto the blister.

From carton forming, product insertion, leaflet insertion, coding of control quantity, manufacturing & expiry dates, to carton closing are all performed in a small space, saving in labor and production price. A cartoning machine is a packaging machine used to manufacture several cartons like erect, close, folded, side seamed, sealed cartons, and so forth. It’s a very important piece of equipment for any trade as it produces cartons that guarantee that the merchandise is safely packaged. The plastic blisters and playing cards are automatically inserted into the machine fixture, lowering the labor price of manually putting them. The CVC-1600 carton packing machine is the perfect carton for products like bottles, blister Automatic Cartoning Machine packs, or tubes in cartons.

Wide-format range to meet the variety of blister designs. Rotary blister machines may be designed to operate semi-routinely, totally automatically, or somewhere in between the two. Solid design and development for heavy-obligation applications. It handles various purposes for thermo and cold forming, ampoule/vial-blister, and dangle-gap blister for client products. HM V6 Intermittent Movement Blister Machine Performance with extreme flexibility for pharmaceutical blister packaging This machine is designed with ease and simplicity of operation and flexibility, responding to the customer’s wants and necessities. Extremely versatile and economical solution for blistering not only for pharmaceuticals but also for confectionery and different client merchandise. • GMP-compliant cantilever (balcony kind) structure for simple pharmaceutically compliant cleansing. A conveyor-mounted shoe additionally assists in upper sleeve folding, concurrently aligning the carton in opposition to the two upper cups inside each sleeve.

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